It wasn’t really a picnic
but if there’d been a wicker basket
it would have been a good facsimile.

Dressed in primary colors
and wearing the first sandals
of the year

we ducked into Subway,
ordered subs with less than six grams
of fat

and two bags of potato chips,
diet cokes and cookies
with macadamia nuts.

We found a bench near the park
and feeling holy, we pinched pieces
from the rolls

to feed the pigeons.
Word spread fast; all their cousins
soon arrived.

Suddenly caught up
in the middle of a Hitchcock film
we let them have it…

Sandwiches, chips, all of it;
not the cookies, we saved those
for later

as we took our PicWay sandals
at a trot back to the office
two minutes late

and docked no doubt,
but giddy
with a sense of freedom.