Mother, I’m frightened
of the thunder and lightning
I’ll never come through this alone”
from Night Comes On by Leonard Cohen

He pulls the strings
that makes the puppet dance
or cower in the corner
where faded scarlet ribbons
lie amongst the dust

The fiddler is the puppeteer
that leads the wee bird on the wire
and then there is the piper
who is sure to come to call

A balancing act that equals any circus
Surely it’s the greatest show
on earth, though there’s little sign
of mercy and even less of mirth

If it’s a game the steps are graceful
as the dancer stands suspended
on gossamer of some invisible wire
Reticent at best
when questioned as to why she plays

in her quiet way she says,
“Must be the tea and oranges.
I’ve heard it claimed
they came all the way
from China.”