Having pilfered
             the rich, ripe leaves,
she goes, pockets full
of all our memories,
hands grasping
            ‘til the very last
for more.

Fury and form collide
Even the moon
              vacates the sky.

Silence now
 but for the sighs
              of great trees
gone forever.
but for the light of friends
             helping friends.       


4 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. ‘Silence now
    but for the sighs
    of great trees’

    Beautiful as always. I am once again behind … and still haven’t gotten over to Wordflair … had a bit of a jolt in my life which has set me back … I do so appreciate your poetic heart and special spirit!

  2. D,

    Life hands out those little jolts
    and no time is a good time for them.
    I am sorry that one has visited you.
    Wishing you a quick return to calmer

    Thank you for all the time you give my work.
    It means a lot to me.


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