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Dawn tiptoes across the shadowed land,
Hints of flame climb over the horizon,
She’s a shy girl emerging;
optimism comes to mind.

Daylight trumps darkness with an orchestral flourish.
The early birds looking for worms make the first song.
Robins and thrushes and those rascally blackbirds
begin the morning event. Then come the bug eaters;

Wrens, black caps and chiff chaff – poorer vision in lowlight.
Glasses might help but the demand for avian optometrists
has not been met.

Every society has its bankers: Under the guise
of needing more light to find seed,
sparrows and  finches arrive on the scene;

Some freshly suited — others straggle in uncombed,
their valets obviously have taken a day off–
They all chime in.

The semi from the highway contributes its rhythm,
Even a missed gear adds to the composition.
A dog barks, a door opens,

The scent of bacon and coffee brewing –
The kiss before the commute.
Morning begins in increments and over it all,
the sun.