There is nothing more heinous than plagiarism…

I wanted to let everybody know of what has occurred  today.

In 2010 I wrote a poem…here is where I posted: (I have since found my first copyright on the poem was in 2009..seelink at bottom of this post.)

that was a legal copyright

Here is when I posted it in 2012…(that is a legal copyright with time and date stamped,)

It was a different version of the same poem…

I reposted it again in 2014 (reverting to the original version) smzang

that is also a legal copyright

On May 25th I posted it on this blog and today this reply was made:

Roxi St. Clair said:

July 1, 2016 at 5:19 pm

Very nice writing:-) Very similar to one I wrote a couple years ago. Bravo

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To clarify any possibility of this  happening again, let me assure you that nothing is posted on this blog that I do not previously hold the copyright to.


As soon as the claim was made regarding authorship of this poem, I had a team researching each copyright I hold on it.  The earliest was in 2009  and appears here:

Looks like that dishonest person picked the wrong poem to attempt to steal.