Pedestrian Rush Hour

Bargains galore,
another mall
collapses into itself.
Everything that’s left
was unwanted at any price.
But now, marked up
they soar,
Helium balloons
headed for the stratosphere
then higher still
for the ‘out of business sale’.
the balloon
is losing air.
Crowds line up
to pick the bones
never realizing
they’re getting nothing
for something
and giving up


A Reason for Everything

for the highest limb,
the fruit sweeter up there
beyond the human hand
or bumbling bee.

Only wind and rain,
the kiss of sun
and the purest dreams
hold it there
suspended on a fragile stem.

No ladder can reach it,
no mere human can taste it
or touch it.
God put it there
for poets.

Reinventing the Wheel

The first one,
made of stone a little out of round.
It spun the potter’s dreams.

Pat Sajak, did you think you owned it?
Take a look at Chaucer’s Tales
It’s all been done before.

A step into the future then back again;
camels and potholes, fallen emperors,
Catherine’s torture…

Heat saps the energy,  even overbalanced
perpetual motion is just a dream.
What good is this invention?

Iron rimmed
Pneumatic tires

This was never meant to be a list poem.

All these years of reinventing
from science to art, precisely round
with just a bit of baroque embellishment

Born and reborn
steel and splash
it keeps on turning.