In a mall
where everyone is nowhere,
a young man stands in front of a sign
with an arrow that says
“You are here”

Cargo shorts, a backpack and a tan;
he doesn’t fit in.

Avoiding his eyes
as he glances around,
I imagine them brown and wounded,
confused — like something from the wild
caught in high beams.

I want to tell him:
You can get anywhere from here —
from anywhere —
It’s all in the choices you make,
in the roads that you take.

Choose wisely.

That’s the problem with sitting
and thinking too long,
all those old wisdoms come creeping in
and you start to think you invented them,
besides that, it’s bad for the circulation.

I realize no one goes to a mall
looking for wisdom. It’s not the best place
to find a bargain either. As for the benches,
they need cushions.