Aspect and Extent

Back from the edge
of an expanding abyss,
miraculously potholes diminish,

Back to the lilacs
in bloom by the door;
back to summer’s sweet scent,

The senses rebound,
a wondrous break
from the total anarchy of dark,

Sun soft-talks the binds
of calendar and clock;
Breeze whisks the worries away.

Builders of dreams,
we shed our cocoons,
eager to try out new wings.

Architects all,
sandcastles abound;
Time is an intangible thing.




Caught up in a Clear Day

Inspired by “One age ago — in the rain” from Eli by Lawrence Cottrell ©1993

Weeds pulled
(there were only three;
it’s a small garden,)
I unfold my chair
under an oak tree,
sit for a minute
listening to birdsong.

There is a gentling
and a drifting in the wind
today, a whispering
that remembers rain,
and thunder…
Those shuttering times
when the sky was gray.

That was another lifetime,
another me. Today a new sky,
innocent of gray. Tomorrow
there may be a shower,
but today the sky is blue
and thunder
seems so far away.